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  • Item Category Description
    • Display custom description for item categories.
    • Set at Settings > Price List > Edit > Pick an Item, Scroll to bottom of popup > Edit Category Display (black button)
  • Minisite
    • Display category description using tag: [categorydisplay:?]
  • Online bill
    • Copy button to copy bank account number
    • For Invoice and Quotation


  • Minisite
    • Customise Header color and font color
    • Display Logo in Header
    • Display 5 featured items from category using tag: [category:?]
    • Display an item using tag: [item:?]
    • Google Analytics Web Stream integration
  • Booking Form
    • Enforce a category to be picked. For example: Delivery Method
    • Display Header, same as in minisite
    • Customer will send a whatsapp to ask for order confirmation
      • Set the whatsapp number at
        General Settings > Bookings > Whatsapp Notification Number


  • Interface Improvement for
    • General Settings
    • Accounting > Accounts 
    • Vouchers and Promo Code


  • Taking Order > Add New Customer
    • A Warning will be issued if a duplicate phone number is entered. Users can choose to register the customer as new, or use the existing account.
  • Inventory
    • Shortcut buttons to help navigation when making new purchase order
    • Declare Own Use
      • Click on Check button on any location, then pick an item, move and pick Internal Use
  • Mini-Site
    • Add items from a selected category directly to the mini-site.
      Use shortcode: [category:?]. Replace ? with a category.
    • Better usability on Text Editor.
  • Label printing
    • Customize paper and label margins, and sizes to fit various label stickers.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Trap illegal characters on Account Names
    • Trap double entry in payment


  • Bug Fixes
    • Special mentions:
      • Inventory: Fix Resolve button not dividing parent UOM to basic UOM
      • Quotation: Fix paging
      • Customer List: CSV, Excel and Copy now only exports visible columns


  • Mini-Site
    • Disable sections
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Automatically skip minisite for trusted devices.
    • Set at Settings > Device Settings > Skip mini-site
  • Force branch sales account to customers
    For customer with different account from branch default sales account, now it is possible to enforce the branch sales account upon taking new order
    • Set at Settings > General Settings > forcebranchaccount


  • Mini-Site
    • Accessible for public
    • Set custom design for each sections on Settings > Website > Sections
  • Login page is now at <your system url>/admin.
    For example: laundry.works25.com/admin
  • Help button now redirect to our FB support page



  • FB Messenger integration:
    • Display on Booking Form and Online Receipt
    • To use,
      • Please whitelist your system url in facebook page messenger settings.
        On a computer, logon to your facebook page on a browser. Go to:
        Settings > Messaging > Add Messenger to your website > Next > Next > Next > Website Domain.
        Put your sistem url example: laundry.works25.com, and save
      • Get your facebook page ID
        On a computer, logon to your facebook page on a browser. Go to:
        About > Page ID.
        Copy the page ID, and go to your Works25 system,
        Settings > General Settings > facebookpageid.
      • That’s all.
  • Orders:
    • Disable thermal bill print button if bill is still unpaid
    • Hide or translate “Ready By”
    • Print branch initials as bill number prefix on bills and tags.


  • HTML Editor
    An easy to use html editor has been added, to help with:
    • Html items in General Settings such as booking headers and footers
    • Html item descriptions in Price List
  • Bookings
    • Different header for date selection: booking headerhtml2
    • Different header for customer info: bookingheaderhtml3
    • Both can be found in General Settings
    • Items comments will no longer be shown to customers. Please use Descriptions instead
  • Bug fixes


  • Returned Items:
    • Possible to return cash to customers.
      After clicking the Exchange Item button, A new bill will be opened.
      Just click checkout, without adding any item.
      Click on Cash Register to open the drawer and return Cash to the customer.
  • Price List:
    • Variations.
      Link 2 or more items in 1 group of variation.
      Variations will be displayed when an item has been clicked on New Order.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Minor Security Options



  • Returned Items:
    • Specify amount of items returned
  • Inventory:
    • Bug fixes related to returned items


  • Booking:
    • Add Whatsapp Button
      • Specify Whatsapp number at:
        Settings > General Settings > BookingWhatsappNumber
        Example: 0123456789
    • Specify Additional Question
      • Specify Question at:
        Settings > General Settings > BookingExtraQuestion
        Leave blank if not needed
        Answer will be recorded in Notes
    • Specify Additional Selection
      • Specify Selection at:
        Settings > General Settings > BookingAddSelection
        Example: How are you today?
        Leave blank if not needed
      • Specify Options at:
        Settings > General Settings > BookingSelectionOptions
        Example: I am good; I am sick; I am happy
        Separate options with “;”
        Answer will be recorded in Notes
  • Job List in Settings
    • Better UI to sort and search
  • Other Minor UI improvements
  • Bug Fixes



  • Payment Page:
    • Payments options are only from accounts with:
      • Category: Asset
      • Group: Cash,
      • Or Group: EWallet,
      • Or Group: Online Payment Gateway
    • Please change Group of Accounts accordingly at Accounting > Accounts


  • New Order:
    • Correction on item not ordered by popularity
  • Payment Page:
    • Button styled Pay Now options
  • Bug fixes


  • Booking Form:
    • New item selection page
    • Customer can now pay via Online Payment Gateway on booking
    • Block OFF days.
      • Default: Sunday
      • Set at Settings > General Settings > BookingUnavailableDays
    • Set limit of booking per time slot
      • Set at Settings > General Settings > BookingSlotPerTime
  • Bug fixes


  • Minor rework on New Order
  • Major rework on Inventory
  • Bug fixes



  • Branch/Company:
    • Set default Sales Account for each branch
    • Display website address on Receipt
    • Set Sales Tax for particular branch


  • Android Thermal Print (Bluetooth/USB/Wifi): 
    • Choose preferred Apps:
      • Go to Setting > Device Settings > Thermal Printing Service
  • Custom whatsapp / sms message
    • [READYBY] variable is now available on Order Received custom message.
  • Preferred Payment method for device.
    • Set which payment method should be the default, and also for Cash Register module
      • Go to Setting > Device Settings > Preferred Payment Method.
  • Various Bug Fixes


  • Android Thermal Print (Bluetooth Only): 
    • How to use:
      • Download and install Quick Printer Or RawBT from Playstore
      • Pair a thermal printer with the device.
    • Setting to kick drawer:
      • Edit Cash Drawer Account:
        • On Connection String, use:
        • Change <yourdomain> to your system domain/url.
  • Custom whatsapp / sms message
    • Use variables such as  [NAME], [ADDRESS], [STATUS], [DUE], [CHARGE], [BILL-LINK], [DATE], [POINTS] . Please change accordingly at Setting > Company Information > Edit.


  • Sales Report: 
    • Monthly Line Chart
    • Pie Chart
    • Click on Category to get individual item report
  • Tag
    • Create custom tag on bills and transaction, and see report on particular tag
    • Usage example: Event. Tag all bills and transactions related to the event with a particular tag to see report on the event.
  • Toyyibpay Integration


  • Notification Bugs Fixed
  • Better Notification Log


  • Notification
    • For customer when order is done. Customer needs to opt for “Get Notified” in online bill.
    • For Users. Go to profile shortcut just before the lorry icon. Then,  click a yellow “Notification” button. Notification will trigger to user’s device when:
      • New online booking has been made
      • An order has been marked pending
      • A cash check with more than RM1 short or extra
      • A task is assigned to user
  • Printed Receipt
    • Custom font size for terms and conditions
    • Terms and Conditions can be saved and displayed as HTML
  • Inventory
    • Expiry date definition and stock check
  • Cash Check
    • Option to hide Cash Now value
  • Reports: Financial Statement
    • Displayed by month
    • Buttons to display line chart
    • Buttons to display pie chart 


  • Price Items: Identifier and Comments
    • Define an identifier to an item for usage with barcode scanner, or used as a shortcut to get an item when selecting items at New Order.
    • Define comments to an item for added details. The comments will also be displayed on Booking Order
  • Booking Order:
    • Improved booking UI with graphics of items.
    • Option to skip date-choosing. Ideal for selling products online.
    • Use parameter “item” to pop an item for immediate choosing.
      • Example: <yourdomain>.com/nonuser?item=5.
      • Booking Order will popup item with priceid = 5 on load.
  • New Module: Administrative Task
    • Define an administrative task, and assign to a user.
    • The task will appear on My Job’s page and also Admin Task page
    • Functions:
      • Add New Task
      • Assign Task
      • Approve Task
    • Usage example: reminder for a repeat business with a customer in the future:
      • Go to the customer bill, click “+” button on top right.
      • Fill the form, with a defined date.


  • Sell Points to Customer.
    • Set Rewards points on a particular item
    • Points will be awarded to the customer when bill is fully paid.


  • Upload documents using google drive
  • Improved Taking Order Interface


  • Work Log
    • Capture User’s image on each log
    • Filter Work Log table to show images
  • Jobs Done
    • List of jobs done by user in Staff’s report


  • Transactions
    • Transactions Export
    • Set Recurring Transactions
  • Scan QR
    • Change Camera button if device comes with 2 or more cameras
  • Payables
    • Option to see Unpaid and Future payables



  • New Order 
    • Click on the pencil icon to update customer profile before continuing on order.
  • Support Chat [Help]
    • Click to chat for support,
    • Click again to end chat and close widget.
  • Bugs Fixed:
    • code occasionally not printed


  • Fix license check on IOS devices



  • Pricing [Settings > Price List]
    • Set discount percentage, and determine start date and end date of discount
    • Set Price Item as subscription, of 2 types:
      • Account:
        • Once a bill containing the item is paid, the customer’s account will be changed to a specified account, until the end of subscription.
      • Discount Percent:
        • Once a bill containing the item is paid, the customer’s default discount will be changed to a specified amount, until the end of subscription.
      • The subscription list can be accessed at Customers List > Subscription
    • Set Price Item as Once A Life:
      • The Item can only be bought once per life.
    • Set Package:
      • Item can be set to represent a number of other items, with 1 whole price.
  • User’s Permissions [User > Permission]
    • Ability to set and specify which module or function a user level can access
  • Updates Autocheck
    • System will automatically check for new updates each time a user go to dashboard or Setting
  • Printed Receipt
    • Custom HTML on footer
    • Option to disable shop’s copy on print
  • Navigation Bar
    • Sticky; state stays when toggled, even after refresh or move to another page


  • Inventory
    • Count, Move and Record goods
    • Record goods Arrival, and keep as Payables
  • Orders
    • Shelved Items to check items on shelves
    • Aged Items to check abandoned items
    • My jobs to summarise a user’s jobs
    • Pendings to see items marked as pending
  • Customers List
    • Create custom message with variables to send to customers on the list
  • Working Hours
    • Record user’s working hours.
      • Set at Settings > Company > Register to register device as on-premise device