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Introducing Works25

Manage Your Business Online

Get, create and manage orders right from on your smartphone.
Analyse your business performance on the go.


Works25 Dashboard On Phone

Use it as a POS, and Online Sales Channel

Connect a receipt printer and cash drawer and use it as a POS. Do not forget to setup and publish a website thru the system, and get orders online.


Setup and publish a website, complete with an order form. Stay ahead of your competitors.

Point Of Sale

Record each transaction and define security levels for each staff. No more money leak.

Online Order

Display your item in categories in an online booking form, so customers can order from home.

Whatsapp Order

Customer will send you a whatsapp to notify about an order. No more missing orders.

Works25 Online POS
Works25 accounting

Built-in Accounting Module

Record and manage all business transactions through your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Get current business financial statement on the go.


Record business expenses on smartphone, on the go. No more forgotten expense.


Upload unlimited bills, receipts and other documents, for referencing and auditing.

Other Modules

Enable, disable or customise selected modules to fit your business needs.

Customer Relationship

CRM. Manage customer database and set promotions, promocode, vouchers, special discount, reminders and special price list.


Set warning on low stock and expiring items. Create purchase order and mark arrivals to different location. Record returns, expired and disposed items.

Multi Branch

Get a summary of all branches, or an individual branch. Access any of them from single shortcut. Monitoring multiple branches made easy.


Set discounts on items, categories, and limit by date. Create a promocode and vouchers. Set a once-a-life item promotion per customer.

Customers' Item Inventory

If do a service business to customers’ item, such as workshop, dry cleaner or tailoring, record each of customers item, so none is missing.

Work Hours & Assignments

Record staffs working hours on selected device. Assign order related jobs or admin task to team members and keep track of each task.


Pictures, snapshots and testimonials from some of our clients.

recommended best guna sistem ni.. service terbaik.. good for retail and wholesales sistem dh xpening semua ada.. 5 bintang 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Amy Mascara

Sistem inilah yang paling baik saya jumpa untuk bisnes dobi saya. Bab pengurusan pesanan, memang nombor 1.



Sistem ini amat memudahkan. Tak perlu lagi saya sentiasa ada di kedai. Kat rumah pon saya boleh monitor bisnes dan production dobi saya.


Dobi Ibu


Frequently Asked Question

Does Works25 requires internet connection?

Yes. Internet connection is required. No need to worry if suddenly the wifi stops working. You can still use Works25 via smartphone.

Can multiple users log in at the same time?

Yes. multiple users can log in at the same time, from any internet enabled device.

What happens if somehow our business data is loss?

We do backup everyday at 2am. Clients can request to restore data from backup.

Is there any limit to users or transactions per month?

No limit for users. However, if the monthly bill count (count, not value) exceeds 1500 consistently for 3 months, the yearly subscription charge will be revised to RM1200, instead of RM660.

Is there any storage limit?

No limit. Media files are saved to clients Google Drive. So, the limit is the client’s Google drive size.

Is Works25 suitable for my food stall?

Yes. Customer can make online order to pickup later or deliver via the mini-site.

Is Works25 suitable for my service business?

Yes. Customers can generate a quotation from the mini-site, or you can create one for the client, on the go.

Laundry &
Dry Cleaners

Retail &

Cafes & Restaurants

Small Factories



Fashion & Accessories

Tailoring &


One flat pricing. 


for 1 month, RM70 per month.

Additional Branch

RM 70 per month, charged every 3 months.

Free Online Support

Online support is free.

  • 9am to 9pm: Instant support
  • Via Facebook Support Group, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp
On-site Support

RM2 perkm from Kota Damansara, Selangor.

  • Minimum RM150 charge
  • Plus accomodation fee if more than 100km
Hardware Packages

We offer several hardware packages.
Click on this link:

Hardware Packages

3rd Party Hardwares Integration

To integrate with a 3rd party hardware, we might need to install new drivers.


  • Thermal Printer
  • Label Printer
  • Cash Drawer
  • PC
  • Tablet
  • Secondary Display
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Weighing Machine

RM100 per device, if device is not plug-and-play.

You can also do it yourself, by following our online guides.

Want To See Demo First?

Still undecided? Try our demo unit to have a look and feel of the system, before deciding.

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