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Release date scheduled on end of every month. 

Update 2023-11-19


Registration Form

Print a registration form, and display at the counter. Customer can scan the QR code to register. The newly registered customer will automatically appear in New Order.


To get the QR code, go to Settings > Registration Form. Click on the QR code icon.


Example of the Registration Form. Customer does not need to fill in all details. Name and Phone will do.


The newly registered customer details will be available in New Order for easy selection.


Sales Listing

Sales Listing is now available in Sales Report.


Currency Setting

Currency can now be changed in Settings > General Settings > General


Proforma Invoice

Bill title now includes Proforma Invoice, based on its status:

Order Status Payment Bill Title
Received Not Paid Proforma Invoice
Done Not Paid Invoice
Done, with Delivery Not Paid Delivery Order / Invoice
Delivered Not Paid Invoice
Received Paid Receipt
Done Paid Receipt
Delivered Paid Receipt

Integration with Wsapme

Bulk Whatsapp messaging is now possible, with the integration with Wsapme. Register at web.wsapme.com , and go to Settings > Integration to setup the integration.

Integration includes automatic Whatsapp messaging on:

  • Item status update,
  • Order status update,
  • Item image captured, and
  • Bulk Customer messaging.

Auto-Email Item Image

When capturing item image, click on Auto Email to automatically send an email to the customer, containing the captured image, and its note.

Update 2023-10-08


New Filter at Price List

To show only prices associated with inventory items, click on Filter, and choose Inventoried: Yes. Then, click Apply on Filter.


Trap to avoid accidental order cancellation.

When navigating away from an on-going order taking, a confirmation will popup.


Discount and Credit summary in Payment Report.

Credits payments or awards are also shown in the same report.

Update 2023-08-19

Filter by Colour in New Order

Filter by Colour in New Order

New easy-click buttons are added, to help filter items by color code.
2 additional button at the top: All Items & Discounted Items

Sales By Customers report

New Detailed Report

7 New detailed reports on Sales. Head to Reports > Sales. After each table, there will be a white button for a more detailed reports. Those reports are:

  • Sales By Customers, Monthly / Yearly
  • Returns By Customers, Monthly / Yearly
  • Payments By Customers, Monthly / Yearly
  • Sales Value By Items, Monthly / Yearly
  • Sales Count By Items, Monthly / Yearly
  • Returns Value By Items, Monthly / Yearly
  • Returns Count By Items, Monthly / Yearly

Update 2023-06-22


Auto email order and order updates

If a customer profile comes with an email address, an email will automatically be sent when:

  • An order is made
  • The order status has changed

Email will be sent from Works25 mailer service.

To integrate and use a custom SMTP email, please go to Settings > Integration.

Update 2023-05-29


New kind of D.O.

A new option, to print delivery order (D.O.) with item pricing. Click on the arrow next to the D.O. button, and choose ‘With pricing’.
The D.O. shown will include individual item pricing.

Update 2023-05-23


Save Payment Change as Credit

When receiving payment from customer, and there is change due to the customer, operator can click on the yellow button to save the change as credit.

This button will only appear if the bill is associated with a profile (not anonymous).


Next, click on the green Save As Credit, to confirm the action.


On the receipt, the payment transactions are recorded with 1 extra transaction to Credits.


Payment using the Credit

The credit can then be used to pay againts another invoice of the same customer.


Selling Items Shelf Label

A label can be printed, to be pasted on selling item shelves, to label the items.

Update 2023-05-16


Customer Preference & Note

When taking an order, click on the chat bubble icon to open a popup. The popup will come with a text input to save the customer preference or note.

The system will also check for any item with saved preference, and display them below for easier select action.

The same popup will come out automatically if the customer already has custom preference or note, generally or on any item.

Update 2023-04-16


Hold An Order

When taking a new order, there might be a need to hold the current order, and start with a different order. The order held can be revisited later for checkout.

To hold an order, click on the Hold button.

To revisit the order held, go to New Order, and click on the button(s) below Orders Held.


Change Order Owner

To change the customer profile associated with an order, Edit the order, and click on the pencil icon next to the current customer’s name.

Updates: Feb, March And April 2023


Set Default Deposit Amount

Ask customer to pay deposit on quotation or on bills. To set a default deposit, please go to Settings > General Settings > Orders & Bills > Deposits

Extra button now available on Invoices & Quotation so customers can pay the pre-defined deposit easier.


Deposit button on Quotations.


Deposit button on POS (at the counter).


Deposit button online Invoice.


Convert Quotation to Booking

Quotation can be converted into a Booking by setting a booking time for the quotation.


Set the booking time, and click the right chevron or arrow to confirm. The quotation will appear in the booking schedule.


Change Quotation Date

Customers some time would request quotation after an invoice. Maybe to help them make a claim from their company. To facilitate this, change the quotation date directly in the quotation summary.


Order Summary Redesigned

Buttons are re-arranged and/or grouped according to their functions. Non-reversible action buttons are separated with margins to reduce clicking error.

Date changes are much simpler with the new design.


Bulk Print Individual Item Tags

Individual item tagging printing is now done exclusively on the bulk mode, with choices to print or not print each service, and also the quantity.


Bulk Print Individual Item Tags: Dual Mode

Choose to print using the system printing, or direct print to a tagging printer. To set a direct printing method, please contact our representative as a service must be installed on the PC first.


Custom Terms Based on Account

Print additional terms and conditions, based on accounts involved. Thus, different customer account will print different terms.

Go to Accounting > Accounts > Edit > Click on the right arrow or chevron [>]


The custom account terms and condition will be displayed after the general terms and conditions.

Update 2023-01-18


Change Daily Work Hours

To adhere to current labour law, please update the system to the latest version, and change the Daily Work Hours to 7.5 instead of 8.
This setting can be found in Settings > General Settings > General.


Reachable Recalculate Button

For Orders, Credit Notes, Suspense Transactions and Payables table, the Recalculate button were positioned better, floating onto the table.

The recalculate button is used to force the system to recalculate the dues and charges for all bills, from their respective transactional values.

This is especially important to do, if the transactions had been edited manually in Accounting > Transactions.


Staff Jobs Done Report with Value

A new column is introduced, to show values of items done, alongside the quantity.