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Release date scheduled on end of every month. 

Update 2024-07-15

Easily Create New Pricing Account

No need to go through Accounting > Accounts just to create a new pricing account. In the latest update, just type in the new pricing account name, and the system will prompt to confirm the creation of a new pricing account.

Create a Promo Code for specific Items, Category or Pricing Account

There is a new set of limits that can be applied to vouchers and promo-codes. Go to Settings > Points & Vouchers > Vouchers > Vouchers (black button) to create a new voucher with a specified limit.

Update 2024-06-18


Item Images: Upload from Gallery

To upload item image from device gallery, click on the image file icon, next to the snap button.

The admin tasks now can also be attached with images, in Orders > Admin Task > Click on Details on a task

Updates Jan – May 2024


Limit Voucher Claim

To limit the number of vouchers claimable for a bill to only 1, go to Settings > Points & Vouchers. 
Scroll down to the input: Limit Claim Once Per Bill.

Choose Yes, Limit.


Limit Voucher by an Account, a Category or an Item

When creating a new voucher, the voucher usage can be restricted to:

  • An Account,
  • An Item Category,
  • An Item

There is also an option to put a minimum due value for a bill that can utilize the voucher.


Convert Package Sub-Items into Vouchers

When a customer bought a package, the customer might want to claim some of the items later. Now, there is an option to convert the sub-items into vouchers that are limited to the package sub-items.

The expiry date of the vouchers will follow the Ready-By date of the bill.

The generated vouchers can be viewed, and printed for the customer’s keep.


Item Price in Jobs List

Some new columns are added into Settings > Job List. The columns include Status, Price, and Tax.


New Filters & Bell Function in Stations

New filters are introduced in Orders > Stations.


Price Range in Price List Item

To set a price range for an item, edit the item and click on the light blue button Price Range.
The base price of the item can be varied according to the quantity of the item.


Item Processes & Commissions

To set a commissionable process for an item, edit the item in Price List, and click the light blue button Processes.

Add the process accordingly.

Processes are defined in Settings > Shelf/Process.


Record Processes Done & Commissions

To record a process done, click on the three dots next to the item status. A box will appear to input the staff username who has done each process.

Alternatively, the same effect can be achieved when using the Scan QR function in Dashboard. Change the mode to Mark Item. If the process chosen is the same as defined by the item commissionable process, the staff who scan the item is regarded as the one who has done the process.

The commissions for each staff can be viewed in Reports > Staff > Processes Done


Square Feet Calculator in Item Add-Ons

When selecting items in New Order, if the item comes with add-ons, click on the small calculator icon to access the calculator.
Then, click feet² button to access the square feet calculator.


Filter Orders to Currents Only

A new filter is available in All Orders; choose to show between: all, current, today’s or future orders.


Accounts Balancing to a Specified Date.

In the charts of accounts (Accounting > Accounts), the trial balance now can be limited to a specific date.


New Template & Filters in Customers List

Filters in Customers List now include last messaged, and last message template used.

The bulk Whatsapp messaging is also improved for manual messaging method.

Update 2023-11-19


Registration Form

Print a registration form, and display at the counter. Customer can scan the QR code to register. The newly registered customer will automatically appear in New Order.


To get the QR code, go to Settings > Registration Form. Click on the QR code icon.


Example of the Registration Form. Customer does not need to fill in all details. Name and Phone will do.


The newly registered customer details will be available in New Order for easy selection.


Sales Listing

Sales Listing is now available in Sales Report.


Currency Setting

Currency can now be changed in Settings > General Settings > General


Proforma Invoice

Bill title now includes Proforma Invoice, based on its status:

Order Status Payment Bill Title
Received Not Paid Proforma Invoice
Done Not Paid Invoice
Done, with Delivery Not Paid Delivery Order / Invoice
Delivered Not Paid Invoice
Received Paid Receipt
Done Paid Receipt
Delivered Paid Receipt

Integration with Wsapme

Bulk Whatsapp messaging is now possible, with the integration with Wsapme. Register at web.wsapme.com , and go to Settings > Integration to setup the integration.

Integration includes automatic Whatsapp messaging on:

  • Item status update,
  • Order status update,
  • Item image captured, and
  • Bulk Customer messaging.

Auto-Email Item Image

When capturing item image, click on Auto Email to automatically send an email to the customer, containing the captured image, and its note.

Update 2023-10-08


New Filter at Price List

To show only prices associated with inventory items, click on Filter, and choose Inventoried: Yes. Then, click Apply on Filter.


Trap to avoid accidental order cancellation.

When navigating away from an on-going order taking, a confirmation will popup.


Discount and Credit summary in Payment Report.

Credits payments or awards are also shown in the same report.

Update 2023-08-19

Filter by Colour in New Order

Filter by Colour in New Order

New easy-click buttons are added, to help filter items by color code.
2 additional button at the top: All Items & Discounted Items

Sales By Customers report

New Detailed Report

7 New detailed reports on Sales. Head to Reports > Sales. After each table, there will be a white button for a more detailed reports. Those reports are:

  • Sales By Customers, Monthly / Yearly
  • Returns By Customers, Monthly / Yearly
  • Payments By Customers, Monthly / Yearly
  • Sales Value By Items, Monthly / Yearly
  • Sales Count By Items, Monthly / Yearly
  • Returns Value By Items, Monthly / Yearly
  • Returns Count By Items, Monthly / Yearly

Update 2023-06-22


Auto email order and order updates

If a customer profile comes with an email address, an email will automatically be sent when:

  • An order is made
  • The order status has changed

Email will be sent from Works25 mailer service.

To integrate and use a custom SMTP email, please go to Settings > Integration.

Update 2023-05-29


New kind of D.O.

A new option, to print delivery order (D.O.) with item pricing. Click on the arrow next to the D.O. button, and choose ‘With pricing’.
The D.O. shown will include individual item pricing.

Update 2023-05-23


Save Payment Change as Credit

When receiving payment from customer, and there is change due to the customer, operator can click on the yellow button to save the change as credit.

This button will only appear if the bill is associated with a profile (not anonymous).


Next, click on the green Save As Credit, to confirm the action.


On the receipt, the payment transactions are recorded with 1 extra transaction to Credits.


Payment using the Credit

The credit can then be used to pay againts another invoice of the same customer.


Selling Items Shelf Label

A label can be printed, to be pasted on selling item shelves, to label the items.

Update 2023-05-16


Customer Preference & Note

When taking an order, click on the chat bubble icon to open a popup. The popup will come with a text input to save the customer preference or note.

The system will also check for any item with saved preference, and display them below for easier select action.

The same popup will come out automatically if the customer already has custom preference or note, generally or on any item.