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Registration Form

Print a registration form, and display at the counter. Customer can scan the QR code to register. The newly registered customer will automatically appear in New Order.


To get the QR code, go to Settings > Registration Form. Click on the QR code icon.


Example of the Registration Form. Customer does not need to fill in all details. Name and Phone will do.


The newly registered customer details will be available in New Order for easy selection.


Sales Listing

Sales Listing is now available in Sales Report.


Currency Setting

Currency can now be changed in Settings > General Settings > General


Proforma Invoice

Bill title now includes Proforma Invoice, based on its status:

Order Status Payment Bill Title
Received Not Paid Proforma Invoice
Done Not Paid Invoice
Done, with Delivery Not Paid Delivery Order / Invoice
Delivered Not Paid Invoice
Received Paid Receipt
Done Paid Receipt
Delivered Paid Receipt

Integration with Wsapme

Bulk Whatsapp messaging is now possible, with the integration with Wsapme. Register at web.wsapme.com , and go to Settings > Integration to setup the integration.

Integration includes automatic Whatsapp messaging on:

  • Item status update,
  • Order status update,
  • Item image captured, and
  • Bulk Customer messaging.

Auto-Email Item Image

When capturing item image, click on Auto Email to automatically send an email to the customer, containing the captured image, and its note.