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Automatically Detect Payment From DuitNow QRPay

The system can now receive notification from DuitNow QR Pay payments. This will reduce human error and scams associated with the payment method.

To enable, head to Settings > Integration > Add An Integration, and choose:
Android Payment Notification.


Phone and tablet previews for Mini-Site design

The mini-site design form now comes with option to preview as phone and tablet.


Option to hide Category, Item Name and Price in Item Card.

Hiding category, item name and pricing in item card would make the booking form and catalogue appear cleaner and less cluttered.

See an example below, of a booking form with these 2 options hidden.

To access these options, go to Settings > General Settings > Bookings.


Terms and Condition on Registration Form

To customise and display some wording for terms and condition before the Register button in the online Registration Form, go to Settings > General Settings > Orders  & Bills

The Registration Form and its QR code can be found in Settings.


Quick Date Picker

After editing a date, the system will remember the chosen date and display it on top of other Date input for quicker date entry.