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Tutorial ShortCut

Shortcut To Customer Accont Statement

Find the new black button for customer’s account statement in the customer’s profile. This will show Receivable and Credit statement in a printable view.

Tutorial ShortCut

Easy Export Button

Export customer account statement to clipboard, CSV or Excel using the new export butttons.

Tutorial ShortCut

Better Header for Customer Account Statement

Header will change when printing, to show company logo, and details on the left hand side, and customer’s details on the right hand side.
This format is only shown when printing.

Tutorial ShortCut

Shortcut to Customer Account Statement in Debtors

Each row of customer will come with a link to quickly see the customer’s account statement.

Tutorial ShortCut

Staff Reports shows OT hours

Staff reports now shows total Overtime hours. Define minimum hours before OT in General Settings > General.

Tutorial ShortCut

Easy Export Button on Reports

Most tables in any reports now shows group of button for easy export to clipboard, CSV or Excel.

Tutorial ShortCut

Edit Or Delete Credit Note

New edit button is available in credit notes list, to directly access the credit note transactions.

Tutorial ShortCut

Remove D.O. From Invoice

A minus button is placed next to each D.O. in Invoice, to remove the D.O. from the invoice. 
Doing this will force the D.O. and the invoice to be recalculated, and marked with purple notification badge.

Tutorial ShortCut

Income Accounts on Payment Reports

Sales is categorized into income and sales tax accounts, before sales total.
A group of easy export button (Copy,CSV,Excel) is available for convenience.