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Release date scheduled on end of every month. 

Update 2022-04-30

Itemised Billing

Taking Order: Highlight Selected

When an item is added to cart, the item is highlighted with bold grey border, and a simple badge with the quantity of the item.

Itemised Billing

Better Google Drive Integration

The integration with Google Drive has been re-built and improved.

Update 2022-04-20

Itemised Billing

Generated Invoices: Itemized Billing

Generated Invoices comes with a table showing each item againts associated Delivery Order. This is as required by many vendors for quantity checking.

Itemised Billing

Outstanding Statement

A new customer statement is available, which is called outstanding statement. This statement displays only the unpaid invoices and unused Credit Notes for a customer, together with aging report based the unpaid invoices.

Itemised Billing

Account Appearance Arrangement

To arrange the order which accounts appear (within the same group) in Balance Sheet and Income Statement, edit the account in Accountings > Accounts, and click on the yellow [>] button.
Change the position to reflect desired arrangement.

Itemised Billing

Balance Sheet

Balance sheet now automatically calculate and display Retained Earnings.

URGENT: Update to version 2022-04-14

Tutorial ShortCut

Please update to the latest version (v2022-04-14).

A bug was identified, which can delete the whole job data.

Sila kemaskini sistem anda ke versi terbaru (v2022-04-14).

Satu pepijat aturcara telah dijumpai yang mampu memadam seluruh senarai kerja.

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Check your system version.

To check your system version, scroll to the bottom of Dashboard page, and see the version number.

Please make sure the version is v2022-04-14 or later. If it is already v2022-04-14 or later, your system is safe.

If not, please go to Settings > Update (black button) to update the system.

Periksa versi sistem anda.

Untuk kenalpasti versi sistem anda, skrol ke hujung muka Dashboard, dan lihat nombor yang tertera.

Pastikan nombor itu sama atau melebihi v2022-04-14. Jika sudah sama atau lebih dari v2022-04-14, sistem anda selamat.

Jika tidak, sila ke Settings > Update (butang hitam) untuk kemaskini perisian sistem anda kepada versi yang terbaharu.

Update 2022-04-08

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Inventory: Date of Item Arrival

Specify a date when confirming item arrival.

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Payment Voucher: Custom Note

Create custom note on a PV.

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Trial Balance: Automatically Enforce Account Names

In Accounting > Accounts, a black button “Fix Account Names on Transactions” will appear if there is an undefined account used in any transaction.

By clicking this button, the system will enforce all transactions to use the correct capitalisation, according to defined account names.

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Generated Invoice: Display Reference from D.O.

Generated Invoices now displays reference of each Delivery Order.

Update 2022-03-08

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Print Multiple Statements

To quickly print multiple debtor’s statement, go to Debtors, and select a few row of debtors.
A blue button will appear at the bottom of screen. Click the button to print selected debtors’ statements.

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Better Debit Notes Access

Accessing Debit Notes are much easier with a dedicated button “See All”, which can be found in Accounting > Payables > Debit Notes Summary.

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Customise Purchase Order Date

User can now change a PO date to better reflect the operation.

Update 2022-02-14

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Edit Payment Voucher

Use the pencil icons to edit PV number, date and reference.

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Generate Bank Reconciliation Report

Enter a known balance from Bank Statement, and compare transactions from the bank statement and the system statement. Click OK, or KIV as appropriate marks. Marking as KIV opens up a new button on the transaction; the Unrealized button. If the transaction does not appear in the bank statement, click the Unrealized button, so the transaction will be taken out from the main statement.

The unrealized transactions are tabled at the bottom of the statement. 

Once the closing balance from the system match the closing balance in the bank statement, a green button appears; Recon Report. Click on this button to prepare the Reconciliation Report.

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Generate Paid Voucher from direct transactions

Edit a transaction, and if the transaction is from an asset or a liability, a light yellow button will appear labeled Generate PV. Click this button to produce a Paid Voucher for the transaction.

Update 2022-01-19

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Dedicated Reference Column On Account Statement

Easily browse thru transactions with reference via the dedicated reference column. For the time being, only external reference from Credit Note and Suspense Account Transactions will be shown in this column.

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Add Credit Note onto Unresolved Transaction

A quick button +CN now appear on the Unresolved Transaction page. Click on it to add Credit Notes as debit to the suspense account. Selected CN will be marked as USED.

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External Reference On Unresolved Transactions

Upon registering new Unresolved Transaction, an input is now available for External Reference. For already registered Unresolved Transaction, an input will appear on the individual Unresolved Transaction page.

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Aging Report for Any Account

To see how clients or vendors value change over recent months, click on Aging button on an Account Statement.
The report will show a summary of profiles value, by recent months, with respect to the selected account.

Faster Financial Statement And Customer Profile

Calculation speed for Financial Statement and Customer Profile has been improved tremendeously. They should load much faster.

Update 2022-01-16

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Hide Payment Before Printing

A paid bill can be re-printed as invoice, by clicking the hide Payment button. This is applicable to A4 format bills.

Faster Financial Statement And Customer Profile

Calculation speed for Financial Statement and Customer Profile has been improved tremendeously. They should load much faster.

Update 2022-01-03

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Debtors Aging Report

Find the new aging report in Debtors > Aging Report.
The report shows summary of clients’ transactions per recent months, and overall debt.

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Aging Debt Summary in Client Receivable Statement

At the end of client Account Statement, a summary of recent monthly transactions is displayed, with instruction for payment.

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New Income Statement Format

A new type of account: Manufacturing Accounts.
Expenses for manufacturing can be group into a separate category, and displayed as single line in the Income Statement.
To access the Manufacturing Account, click on blue link Manufacturing Account in the Income Statement.

Operating Expenses are now further categorized into:

  • Administrative Expenses
  • Staff Cost
  • Selling And Distribution
  • Other Operating Expenses

Change account category in Accounting > Accounts

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Manufacturing Account

In Accounting > Accounts, change expense type to either:

  • Manufacturing- Raw Material
  • Manufacturing- Packing Material
  • Manufacturing- Direct Labour
  • Manufacturing- Overheads

These accounts will appear in Manufacturing Account Report.


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Credit Limit And Block Customer

To set credit limit for a customer, go to Settings > Profiles List > Edit > Credit Limit.

If the customer’s debt is more than the set credit limit, the profile will appear in yellow strip in the debtors page. A warning will also appear when making a new order for the customer.

To block a customer, click on his/her name, and change blocked to: New Order.
This will prevent any new order made for the customer.


Update 2021-12-16

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Details On Incomplete Receivable Transactions

In Debtors, the system checks for any receivable transaction, that does not linked to any order or invoices. The system will suggest to delete these transactions.

Now, user can see what are the transactions, before deleting them, or choose to ignore any related transaction.

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Unspent Credits

In Debtors, the system checks for unspent credits. The system will suggest to use these credits to pay for the associated customers’ bill automatically.

Now, user can see whose are the unspent credit, before using them onto bills.