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introducing Works25

Laundry Business System

Improve the quality of your laundry business with Works25, a laundry business management system based in Malaysia.


POS Laundry Dobi

1. Quick Dealing at the Counter

Take orders easily, whether via smartphone, tablet, or computer. Our point-of-sale system (POS) was specially created to fulfill laundry orders.

Colour and Picture

Enter a picture that matches the item. For example, consider the difference between a winter jacket and a coat.
Use color to differentiate item categories: Wet Wash, Dry Wash, or Rub.

Change the Price directly.

For dirtier clothes, it is possible to charge more. So, keep changing the price of the item when opening the order.

Different Price List

You can have different price lists for different types of customers. Suitable for business-to-business (B2B) customers.


Note on the Price

Do you have a specific note for an item? For example, Remove curry stains on the front pocket.
Type and the note will follow on the receipt and tag the item.


Make a Quotation

The Quotation button is provided to save the order as a quotation only, without proceeding as an invoice.

Store Customer Data

Customer data and sales items are stored directly. No need to ask for the customer’s phone number every time.

2. Work Station

Many orders on different categories? With the Workstation function, each station that manages a specific category in your production will be able to see only the work of their station.

Quick Status Update Button.

Just press the quick status button to continue updating completed items or select another status from the available selection box.

Print Chits and Tags.

Print a chit (work list by station for 1 bill) or a tag to paste on the item to be processed.

Choose Items
Direct product URL

3. Scan QR Codes on Tags and Bills

Simplify the management of each order item with automatic records, using QR code scans on tags and bills.

Staff Name.

Staff who scan the QR code and the item’s status will be automatically recorded. Continue browsing other item codes for quick work.

Record the shelf.

Item storage shelves will continue to be recorded. When the customer wants to pick up the item, the item search will be fast. There is no customer to wait a long time and worry.

Make sure items are enough.

Scan the QR to see the customer’s complete order, and make sure each item is sufficient.

4. Order Status

View order status: Received, Completed, Sent, or Blocked. These are in a different color-coded list, so every order is not missed.

Whatsapp Customer.

Send the order to the customer when the garment is ready. Verses and bill links are all automatically available. Just press Send.


Get a direct notification to your phone or computer if an item is marked stuck or cannot be processed.

Collect orders.

Group orders by customer, category, or payment status.

Payment Gateway
Whatsapp Notification

5. Full List of Jobs

See the full list of jobs by Category, Item, and Due Date.

Status Update.

Confirm the status of each item and update directly.

Assigning Staff.

Select staff to be assigned to specific items. The staff will have their own work schedule.

6. Stage Process

For productions that go through several processes for each item, this view helps to see the work in each process.

Refinement of Labor Use.

Identify processes that require more workers and otherwise.

Identify production problems.

Analyze and identify slow processes directly so that you can resolve them immediately.

Whatsapp Notification

7. Save the Item Image

Insert a photo of the item, the date and time the photo was taken, and a brief note.

Protect Against Damage Charges

Take a picture of the item’s condition before washing, especially if there is any original damage.

Avoid items changed

Item pictures can be easily referenced later based on the bill or date.

8. Customer Loyalty Program

Laundry and dry cleaning customers are often regulars. Keep them loyal to your service through rewards points, memberships, and vouchers.

Electronic Voucher.

Set how many RM worth of vouchers will be given each time after payment is received, exceeding a certain value.

Points Reward.

Set how many RM worth of reward points will be given each time after payment is received, exceeding a certain value.


Set the membership duration and the discounts to be given, or set different prices for members.

Cloud Storage

It can be used on multiple devices at once. If the device is damaged, the data is not lost.

Power Ranking

Differentiate between admin, manager, leader, and general worker roles. Up to 8 power levels can be set for over 120 functions.


The system is constantly updated with new functions and security several times monthly. There is no need to worry about the system becoming outdated and lagging.

Customer Service

Each of our customers will be assigned a customer service officer. So, no need to talk to the robot to get help.

Backup Data Daily

Every 2am, the system will back up data to 2 different data centers so that your data is always safe and protected.

No Data Storage Limit

We will not store uploaded images or documents. Instead, it will be saved in your Google Drive. So, there is no limit as long as there is space in Google Drive.

Built-in Account System

This system is the same as the accounting system. Yes, a complete accounting system with PO, DO, SI, RN, CN, Invoicing, Debtors, Creditors, PnL, Balance Sheet... everything!

Built-in Tutorial

It's annoying to watch the video or read the manual. This system has a guide on the screen (On-Screen Guide). The system will guide you through each step of the tutorial.

Other Functions

Click to see other functions.

The price is same, don't worry.
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Compare Us

Could you compare us with some competitors? We have prepared a comparison table for you to look at.

Our Customers

They are satisfied. There are suggestions and comments; we keep fixing it.

recommended best guna sistem ni.. service terbaik.. good for retail and wholesales sistem dh xpening semua ada.. 5 bintang 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Amy Mascara

Sistem inilah yang paling baik saya jumpa untuk bisnes dobi saya. Bab pengurusan pesanan, memang nombor 1.


Sistem ini amat memudahkan. Tak perlu lagi saya sentiasa ada di kedai. Kat rumah pon saya boleh monitor bisnes dan production dobi saya.

Dobi Ibu


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Works25 need an internet connection?

Yes. An internet connection is required, it’s ok to use mobile phone internet.

Can I see the sales revenue from home?

You can. Just open the Works25 system on your own phone or laptop at home.

Can many people use it at once?

Yes. No problem.

Are there other charges if there are many transactions?

None, if the number of monthly bills does not exceed 1500 bills. Number, not amount in RM. If more than 1500 new bill numbers per month, for 3 consecutive months, the annual subscription price will be increased from RM660 to RM1200 per year.

Is there a storage limit?

No limits. Documents and pictures will be stored in the user’s Google Drive. So, you can upload as long as Google Drive is not full.


One flat pricing.



for 1 month, RM70 per month

Additional Branch

RM 70 per month, charged every 3 months.

Free Online Support

Online support is free.

  • 9am to 9pm: Instant support
  • Via Facebook Support Group, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp
On-site Support

RM2 perkm from Kota Damansara, Selangor.

  • Minimum RM150 charge
  • Plus accomodation fee if more than 100km
Hardware Packages

We offer several hardware packages.
Click on this link:

Hardware Packages

3rd Party Hardwares Integration

To integrate with a 3rd party hardware, we might need to install new drivers.


  • Thermal Printer
  • Label Printer
  • Cash Drawer
  • PC
  • Tablet
  • Secondary Display
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Weighing Machine

RM100 per device, if device is not plug-and-play.

You can also do it yourself, by following our online guides.

Want To See Demo First?

Still undecided? Try our demo unit to have a look and feel of the system, before deciding.

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