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Release date scheduled on end of every month. 

Update 2023-01-18


Change Daily Work Hours

To adhere to current labour law, please update the system to the latest version, and change the Daily Work Hours to 7.5 instead of 8.
This setting can be found in Settings > General Settings > General.


Reachable Recalculate Button

For Orders, Credit Notes, Suspense Transactions and Payables table, the Recalculate button were positioned better, floating onto the table.

The recalculate button is used to force the system to recalculate the dues and charges for all bills, from their respective transactional values.

This is especially important to do, if the transactions had been edited manually in Accounting > Transactions.


Staff Jobs Done Report with Value

A new column is introduced, to show values of items done, alongside the quantity.

Update 2022-12-21


Lock Transactions

To ensure data integrity, especially for transactions sent for audit, it is possible to lock transactions dated before a certain chosen date. To do this, go to Settings > General Settings > General. Set the date at which the transactions before it will be locked.

For example, if financial year end is at 31st Dec last year, choose 1st Jan this year as the date.


Custom Instruction for Purchase Order

This function can be found in Settings > General Settings > General.


Custom Instruction or Terms for Credit Note.

This function can be found in Settings > General Settings > Orders And Bills.


New Options for Mini-Site Template

Users can now choose shading, custom styling of background, box or circle for main content, among many other options now available when using template in Mini-Site sections.

Update 2022-11-16

Item Note Template

Save an item note as a template, for a specific customer. To do this, type on the note input box when selecting an item during New Order. A small button with a save icon will appear. Click on the icon to save the note, to be used later.

The note template will only be available for the chosen customer, for that particular item only.
The note can be accessed by clicking on the folder icon button, above the note input box.


Account Debit and Credit Summary on Account Statement

On the bottom of an account statement, a new table is shown which summarises the debits and credits of the statement account, in terms of which account the debit or credit is done through.

Update 2022-11-03


Edit Price Item with Price Multiplier

To quickly adjust price item with muitiplication, change RM to x, and put in the multiplication factor. For example, to increase price by 10%, choose x instead of RM, and put 1.1 in the pricing box.

This is particularly useful to increase multiple item prices, at once with the same multiplication value.


Item Option with Multiplication Charge

A new type of pricing option is available. A pricing option could multiply the base price. For example, a normal service charge is RM10. Introduce an option as express, and put x 2 as the charge. The base price will be doubled if this option is chosen in making new order.

Copy Items From Previous Orders
Copy Previous Orders

New Order: Copy Items From Previous Order

Finding an item when making new order is much easier now, if the item was chosen in last 10 orders of the customer. Click on the black button “Previous Orders” to see them, and copy any item shown.

New User Permission: See Latest Works25 Bill

New User Permission: See Works25 latest bill

To hide the button to see latest invoice from Work25, restrict the userlevel for permission: See Latest Works25 Invoice. This permission setting can be found in Users > Permission > Settings.

Update 2022-10-18

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Cash Checks Summary On Payment Report

In Payments and Deposits Report, a summary of cash checks done is presented to help with daily record of cash reconciliation. 

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Items Images

In Orders > Items Images, the page shows all images taken which are associated with items. This is useful for sorting and searching of images and items.

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Easier Copying Price List

When copying price list item, a popup will appear, asking to copy into different account, category or item name.

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Last Editor of a Transaction

The system now tracks the last user who directly edit a transaction, together with the timestamp when the change is made.

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Unspecified Due Date of Payables

A new filter option is added to filter payable transactions without specified due date. This usually happens when the payable transaction is made directly onto the general ledger.

Update 2022-09-09

Tutorial ShortCut
Tutorial ShortCut

New Order: Easy Category Access

To reduce clicking and scrolling, user can tap on the window icon to open up a window containing all categories.

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New Order: Calculate Quantity From Text

Click on the calculator icon, and a popup will show textarea which will parse any text it receives onto a math expression and calculate it.

For example; 3bags x 12kg will be calculated to 36. 
The text can also be easily copied onto the note area.

Update 2022-08-18

Add Images to Items

To capture an image, and associate it with an item, click on the camera button, either in Orders> All Orders > Bill ID, or in Orders > Stations.

A popup will appear when clicking the button. Click +New to capture new image.

The image will be saved to our company Cloudinary account, and will be deleted after 1 month.

Use your own Cloudinary account (free plan is available, gives 25GB), to ensure lasting images.
To do this, click: https://get.works25.com/integration-with-cloudinary/

New User Permission: Show/Hide pricing

In Users > Permissions, under New Order, a new permission can be found: Show Pricing.
Limit the userlevel who can see pricing. This is useful to hide pricing or charges from runners and drivers.

The same setting can also be found under Orders.

Update 2022-08-14

Tutorial ShortCut
Tutorial ShortCut

New Customer Screen Display

Customer screen display has been reworked. Currently, this works only for devices running Windows OS, and having a secondary screen in extend mode.

The display shows a slideshow of images, and also order details if an order is opened or checked.

The settings for this feature can be found in Settings > Device Settings > Customer Display SlideShow.

Please note that this setting will only appear if the device is running Windows OS, with secondary screen attached in extend mode.

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Cover Letter for Generated Invoices

Generated Invoice now comes with a cover letter for the first page, showing a summary of each item category and its respective values.

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Sales Report with Return Value

Sales report now comes with a return values table.

Update 2020-08-12

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Create Credit Note from other reason, instead of Returns

In Debtors > Credit Notes, click on the arrow next to the green +New button to see option to create a credit note for other reason, than return.

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New Generated Invoice Format

There is a new cross table in Generated Invoices; which is the Items vs Date of Delivery Orders.

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Filter Sales Report by profile and company

Sales report can now be filtered to show only data involving a particular client or a company.

Update 2022-08-02

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Hide or Show Invoice Sections

In generated invoices, click on Options to display a new set of options. Hide or Show sections of the invoice by check or unchecking the available sections. This settings will be saved on your device, for the particular customer.

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Bulk mark items as delivered

In Orders > Job Summary, click on the black Edit button twice so it becomes red. Then, select or shift-select bills. Click on the grey button Mark As Delivered to mark the selected bills as delivered.